jawpainIf you are a businessman, there are a lot of deal with; like meetings, transactions and orders among a lot of other things. To a few, one of them is jaw ache which can make running a business even harder that it already is. So the question is, what’s causing this and what can you do about it? the pain that you are feeling is caused by the inflammation of the TMJ or the Temporomandibular Joint, found on the both sides of your face. Alternatively it can be caused by the ruin of the joint in this area, also known as arthritis.

How to stop the pain

Temporary TMJ pain that is caused by stress or injury can be easily be treated than chronic TMJ pain. Of course any pain to any joint region of the body, it’s recommended that  you consult a medical doctor. But you can always try hot-cold treatments, stretching or massaging the concerned areas. However, if you have chronic TMJ pain you’re in a much more serious position. Treatment for long-term TMJD can be very difficult since even doctors will have a hard time figuring out which muscles or ligaments are causing the difficulty to the patient. in addition, TMJ pain ,m is not well researched yet, so if you are feeling recurrent pain, think about consulting with a physician as soon as you can for it will be much complicated to deal with this dysfunction and will be harder to treat the more you take your time before having it checked out.

Temporary Relief Options

  • Medication – first of all, you need to consult a doctor before taking any medication for your pain since they’re the experts who can suggest the best medicine to take for your TMJD but generally it will be inflammation-reducing medication will help you lessen the pain on your jaw.
  • Hot-cold Compress – this can be very helpful in relieving pain and to reduce inflammation. Now base it on your judgment on what actually causes soreness and what lessens pain. Temperature management can be very good but there will be a slight danger of making the problem worse. However, it’s recommended by most doctors as long as you know the duration of using hot and cold compress.
  • Consume soft foods – avoid tough ones like meat and granola bars.

Long-term Options

  • Physical therapy – this can very effective since there will be someone that’s going to be on top of your recuperation. But on the other hand, it can be costly for the patient.
  • Acupuncture – not everyone believes with oriental medicine, but despite all of that many people tend to gravitate towards it based on testimonials by other patients that it really does wonders on many musculoskeletal disorders.
  • Massage therapy – it works by decreasing the strain and tension on the jaw. It’s best that you try to find someone that is a specialist on TMJ disorders.
  • Coordinating with other TMJ patients – there are millions of other people suffering with TMJD. These people have support groups to help you out because in reality, there are no board-certified doctors or dentists that specialize on TMJD. These groups can suggest a doctor in your locale that might have a good insight regarding your problem.
  • Surgery – this can come as a last resort as there are no board-certified doctors specializing in this kind of disorder and it can cause more problems than permanent solutions.

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