air conditionerIf you are a developer on-the-go or maybe someone who can’t stay in one room while working, or living in a hot climate area, maybe you should be thinking about getting a portable air conditioner. There are a lot of advantages in getting a portable air conditioner, one of which is that it’s very energy-efficient compared to window type air conditioners and it can pin point the cooling in specific areas you want to be cooled and also if you are not going to commit into a space you’ll be staying in, like a studio, then portable AC’s are the one for you.

Installing and getting one to work is very easy. These types of AC use an indoor air vent that pushes warm air via an exhaust you rig on your window. What makes these air conditioners units great is that they are very light and handy yet silent. You can move them where you see fit by easily pushing it around, install its window-air exchange panel and hose and voila, just turn the unit on and you’re good to go.

Some units come with remotes, dehumidifier, timer and heat pump feature.

Some lesser portable air conditioners will have you remove a basin from the unit itself to get rid of accumulated water because of the condensation the unit has made. This has to be done every few weeks of use. Depending on how much you use the device. This procedure is not really tough to do for owners.

Some units have their own receptacle. Some even have a self-evaporative feature so the air conditioner will get rid of the condensation for you.

These features are fine and dandy but what will you do if you’re unit breaks down?

Well, for DIY freaks out there, you can always fix it yourself or wait for four days to a week for a repairman to come by. The truth of the matter is, that there are some failures that a DIY-er can’t fix themselves and there are some problems out there that you can’t do anything about.

Which air conditioner should I get?

There are a lot of recommendations out there in the internet but not enough in layman’s terms that everyone can understand so these are the things that you should think about before getting one yourself.

As you may have already known, portable air conditioners are used for small spaces only. Contrary to the traditional AC, these units come in standing form and no need to be installed on a window. Despite the size, these units can make a room very cool if the right type of unit is picked in accordance to the room where it’s going to be placed. Reading the Top Ten Things about Air Conditioners could also give you more insight.

Here are some recommendations on which to buy:

  1. NewAir AC-10000E – very slim and compact.
  2. Sharp CV-2P10SX – a unit that is very quiet yet powerful enough to cool a room. They even dubbed it as “Library Quiet
  3. Mobil Comfort KY-80 – even amazon users reviewed this is best. As it can cool any small room or office

Note: For more information about the latest AC products, you can read on Air Conditioner Reviews

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