recurve bowSometimes being a web designer can be very tough; there are deadlines that you’re required to meet amidst a very tight schedule. So you just have to have a release in life and some designers out there prefer to release arrows with their recurve bows. It’s essential that you know the best out in the market and what you need to consider before getting one if you’re a beginner in this sport. One of the few brands that promise high quality recurve bows for beginners are Samick Sage & Martin Archery, its recommended that you concentrate on these brands to make sure you get the value out of your hard earned cash.

Now that you know the highly suggested manufacturers, it’s time to determine which recurve bow will answer to your needs. The basics are draw length, draw weight and what type of recurve bow you should get. Don’t overlook the price tag, superiority of the riser, limb quality and the grip’s comfort. All of which are necessary when you’re taking into consideration to get a new recurve bow. Avoiding the most common mistakes of beginners should also be on your list. Now let’s try and focus better on these things to get a better understanding on the things that we need to consider.

Hunting or target practice?

Actually all recurve bows are good for target practice but not necessarily always good for hunting. There are a lot of things to consider like draw weight (which will be discussed later on) and draw weights of hunting bows can be unsafe for beginners. So you’ll probably have to work up to higher draw weights when you’re just starting out. Always keep in mind that recurve bows make a lot of noise so using them for hunting can be a bit tricky.

Knowing your draw weight

Draw weight is the amount of force you need to apply to fully pull the string of your bow. A lot of experts believe that this has to be first thing you need to consider before purchasing a recurve bow. So basically, it must be seamless when pulling the string of your bow yet making sure that you have total control of the bow. It’s advised that you should start with a lower draw weight and then move up in number as you become more experienced and have more control over lower weights.

Draw length

It is the distance that you can draw the string of your recurve bow. This will help you achieve the best form and know the length of arrows you have to get. An easy method is to measure the length of your arms from both tips of your middle finger minus 15 then divided by 2.


To some, this will be the first question to ask before going into the sport. Recurve bows can range up to $250 to $1500 or more. However, most of the best recurve bows for beginners don’t have to be expensive yet can perform well since most experts believe that there’s no significant gap between bows based on price.

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