pet vacuumAs a developer, things can get hectic at work. When you come home, you just want to relax and sit on the couch and take a break with your pets and as a pet owner, we do love our pets. It’s just that the mess they leave behind especially the hair they get rid of all over the place. Cleaning up can be very tricky and arduous on top of the work you have done the whole day. So getting the right vacuum can save you a lot of time and effort in cleaning after your furry friends.

There are tons of vacuums out there that will make a promise of cleaning up your pets’ fur easily but only a handful can deliver that promise. Here some tips to consider when getting the right vacuum for the right job. Also, here are some suggested vacuum cleaners in the market right now:

Shark Navigator, Dyson DC41 Animal, Hoover T-Series

There a lot of variables to assess previous to grabbing yourself a vacuum cleaner for your pet’s fur.

  • Are you going to be using it on bare floors, carpet, couches or all of the above?
  • What type of pets do you own?
  • What’s your budget?
  • Are attachments imperative?
  • Do you prefer handheld model?

Once you made up your mind with these questions, it will be much easier for you to decide which model to purchase.

Exceptional Vacuums for Pet Hair

Almost every vacuum cleaner maker out there nowadays has a specifically built model for pet hair. With so many options to decide from, it can be hard for you make a good quality decision on which one to buy.

But experts and actual users have narrowed it down for you:

  • Hoover T-Series WindTunnel Pet Bagged Upright, UH30310 – it’s priced at under $130 which most people believe is a steal for this vacuum. However, the good side of this product is the bag which has been finished with Activated Carbon HEPA media that helps decrease the pet smell you catch when vacuuming and at the same time reduces allergens for allergic members of the family and also to your pet.
  • Kenmore Progressive 21714 – despite of the fact this vacuum isn’t advertised as a pet hair vacuum, it’s able to make it to the list because its amazing in removing cat and dog hair including other vacuuming task as well. It comes with a $280 price tag, knowing that it’s going to be a big deal. Not all households will dish out this much for a vacuum but it will be well worth it if they can.
  • Kenmore Intuition 28014 – this has to be the best one. It’s priced just about $320, this bad boy includes many of the features as the Kenmore Progressive, but it gets a small lead. It does an extraordinary job in eliminating pet hair on almost all surfaces and all materials and furniture and for those who has the budget and fairly affordable who wants a sturdy, long lasting vacuum cleaner for their home.

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